Securing Melbourne’s Finest Wedding Function Venue

Your engagement usually happens many months, sometimes years, before your wedding day. That leaves plenty of time to get everything organised. There is a lot to do though, and one of the very first things on this list should be booking a wedding function venue. Booking early will ensure you not only get the venue you want, but also the date and time. There are few things more frustrating that having to settle for a plan B or C on what is such a momentous occasion.

Acting quickly shouldn’t come at the expense of some careful research though. It is important to find a venue that has a convenient location, stunning setting, experienced and attentive staff. Choosing the ideal wedding function venue can be a major source of pre-wedding stress, but it needn’t be. Harbour Kitchen are dedicated to ensuring that your preparations are as easy as possible and that your special day is one to cherish forever.

Weddings are a celebration of beauty. The beauty of a lifelong relationship should be reflected in the setting you celebrate it in. A waterfront location beneath the city skyline with sweeping harbour views certainly fits in this category. Few wedding function venues in Australia can boast such a combination, but this is exactly the setting that Harbour Kitchen enjoys. You can too on what will be an unforgettable day.

Over the years we’ve hosted hundreds of wedding parties. From small intimate family affairs, to large all-in events with hundreds of guests, we’ve seen it all. Regardless of the the size of your party or individual requirements, we pride ourselves on the attention to detail that has made us Melbourne’s leading wedding function venue. Everyone from our dedicated function manager to our wait staff are industry professionals, who are dedicated to making your day as memorable and fun as possible.

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