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Frequently asked questions about Functions and Event

An additional cancellation fee of $500 will apply to all functions cancelled once confirmed.The deposit is not refundable for any cancellation. For events cancelled within 30 days of event, the entire projected function may be charged.

Non-refundable 10% to 30% deposit of the function spend is required on confirmation of the booking.

A booking contract must be signed, credit card details must be supplied and a deposit is payable; the deposit amount varies depending on the cost of the function.

Yes, within reason and in private areas only – please enquire.

Yes. You can have underage guests until the end of the night with their guardians.

Bar tab can be set up with food packages.Drinks can be ordered on consumption by guests


At Harbour Kitchen, trust is our bedrock, weaving through every aspect of our operations, ensuring impeccable service, unwavering reliability, and a commitment to exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Customer Satisfaction

At Harbour Kitchen, customer satisfaction reigns supreme as we go above and beyond to create unforgettable dining experiences, delivering exceptional service, culinary delights, and a warm ambiance that leaves our patrons delighted and coming back for more.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement lies at the heart of Harbour Kitchen’s ethos, driving us to relentlessly innovate, refine our culinary offerings, and elevate the dining experience to new heights, ensuring our guests always enjoy the very best we have to offer.


Integrity forms the backbone of Harbour Kitchen, as we uphold unwavering ethical standards, transparently source the finest ingredients, and passionately craft each dish with integrity, ensuring that our guests’ trust in us is well-placed and their function experience is truly exceptional.

Our Values

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

At Harbour Kitchen, our company values are the guiding principles that shape our every endeavor, ensuring a commitment to excellence, genuine hospitality, and a passion for culinary innovation, creating extraordinary Function and Event experiences that leave a lasting impression on our guests.

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