At Harbour Kitchen we have provided event hire for hundreds amazing engagement parties, but some couples still choose to only celebrate their wedding day. There are, however, many great advantages to having an engagement party too. Here are just a few of them.

Trial Run

An engagement party can serve as a trial run to your wedding day. Much of the guest list will read the same at both events, so you are able to observe the group dynamics and alter your wedding celebrations accordingly. It is a great opportunity for your guests who don’t know each other well (or not at all) to meet and connect in a less formal setting. You can also observe who gets on well (and who doesn’t), so you can change your event hire specifications before your wedding.

Double the opportunity

Invariably, there are a few invitees who won’t be able to make it to your wedding day. By holding an engagement party in addition to your wedding, you are effectively giving your guests two opportunities to celebrate with you. It ensures you get to celebrate and spend quality time with everyone important to you.

Planning to elope

It is increasingly common for couples to have extremely intimate or sometimes secret weddings. You might decide you want to elope to Paris for your special day or that you want to tie the knot on a secluded tropical island. If this is the case, your engagement party will function as the main event for many or all of your guests. This means securing quality event hire and maximising your enjoyment is even more important.

A different style

They may both be events celebrating the same union, but engagement parties and weddings often have a very different feel to them. Weddings can often be extremely emotional, a little stressful and somewhat formal occasions. An engagement party is very different. They are informal and carefree affairs, with an emphasis on fun, friends and family. Your event hire should reflect this and encourage your celebration.