Why Choose a Theme Party for your Event Hire Venue?

At Harbour Kitchen, we love it when our event hire venues are used for theme parties. If you’re deciding whether to host a regular party or something a bit more unique, we’ll take you through a few reasons why you might choose the theme option.

The main reason you choose to have a themed party – and the best reason – is simple. It’s because it is fun. Parties are fun, themes are fun and dressing up is fun. It makes sense, then, to opt for a themed party if you are planning event hire. People enjoy dressing up, getting into character and doing a little acting. When everyone is in costume and there are decorations symbolic of you chosen theme, it creates a fun, welcoming and less formal atmosphere.

Guests are often quicker to let down their guard and relax in a costume and they are also work as great icebreakers for guests who don’t know one another. You might want to consider a food and beverage package that fits in with your theme to really top it off. Any sort of nautical theme, for example, would benefit from rum based drinks, while champagne and whiskey might better suit a fancier theme.

A themed party is often chosen simply because it is fun, but it also gives you a chance to organise something meaningful to the person, group or milestone you are celebrating. Whoever’s birthday it is, may have an obsession with Star Wars or super heroes, making a theme particularly easy to choose. A recently engaged couple might share a love of all things ’80s, meaning your guests will have to search the very back of their wardrobes for an appropriate outfit. Or, your company may not be able to afford to take its staff to Hawaii for a holiday, but it doesn’t mean you can’t put the Hawaii in your party. A little bit of creativity in your choice of theme will go a long way, but often the best option is the most obvious.

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