In our blog yesterday we discussed why you should throw a themed party at Harbour Kitchen. The main reason being that they are really fun! Now that you know why to have a theme party, we’ll go through a few factors to consider when choosing your theme. We offer the perfect event hire, now you can decide the perfect theme.



Consider your guest list when choosing a theme (or event hire for that matter). Thinking about their age, interests and lifestyle will help you to come up with a theme that is appropriate to your guests and still a whole lot of fun.


Do you want an elegant, classy event or do you want to let your hair down? Deciding this will help you go a long way to deciding on your theme. A 1920s theme, for example, will have a touch of sophistication to it, while an ’80s party is guaranteed to get a little wild on the dance floor.


Cast your mind back to childhood parties. You may be a grown up now, but the truth is that many themes for children work just as well for adults. The idea is to dress up and be a little silly, so don’t be afraid to opt for that superhero theme you’ve dreamt about since you were 8.


You might want to incorporate a current trend into your event hire and theme planning. Think about what is hot property in the media world and adapt a theme around it. A Tinder party? A best and worst of 2015 party? A Hunger Games party?

The sky is the limit when choosing a theme for your party. Whatever you opt for, Harbour Kitchen have every aspect of event hire covered, so you can focus on the truly important stuff. Like your costume.