7 Ways to Make Your Breakfast Meeting Successful

7 Ways to Make Your Breakfast Meeting Successful

Breakfast meetings can make for a great start to the work day! Here are our team’s quick tips on how to ensure your breakfast meeting is a huge success and that your delegates leave your meeting inspired and informed.

1. Quick Meeting

Breakfast meetings do not need to be long. If you are asking your staff to attend prior to work, it is a good idea to start your meeting at around 7am or 7.30am and keep the meeting effective and concise. Plan out your agenda prior to your meeting and brief your speakers to ensure that they understand the timeframes that they need to adhere to.


2. Good Coffee

Nothing starts the day better than a good cup of coffee. Ask your function venue if they can provide Espresso Coffee for your business meeting so that you can provide your guests with an excellent cup of coffee to start the meeting right.

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3. Easy Parking & Public Transport

Easy parking and access to public transport will make life easier for meeting planners and their guests. Check parking and public transport details (such as closest tram stop, train station and tram line numbers) and include this information on your invitation.

4. Hearty Breakfast

A good, hearty hot breakfast will provide your guests with the energy they need to concentrate on the meeting. Ensure that you advise your guests that breakfast will be available on the day as well as requesting any guests with dietary requirements to send you these details in advance of your meeting.

5. Breakout Areas

Having access to outdoor space always makes for a great meeting. Guests will enjoy relaxing in the fresh air during any breaks and when the meeting concludes.

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6. Pillarless Space

Make sure your guests all have excellent views of your speakers and presentations by choosing a meeting venue that is pillarless. Pillarless space provides everyone with the same views so that everyone can focus on your meeting content.

7. Audio Visual Equipment That Works

Make sure your audio visual equipment is set up and tested in advance of your guests arriving. It pays to work with a trusted audio visual supplier that will ensure your equipment is ready and working so that there are no hold ups for your meeting.


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