Adding a Personal Touch to Your Wedding Function Venue


Your wedding day is meant to be one of, if not the most magical day of your life. That magic comes from your choice of wedding function venue, your friends and family and also, those moments that are unique to you and your new spouse. Harbour Kitchen certainly have the wedding function venue aspect covered. Our setting and service is unrivalled in Melbourne. It is also a given that your loved ones will be there to show their love and support, so that just leaves the unique moments.

A waterfront wedding is unique in itself and Harbour Kitchen will do everything in our power to give you an unforgettable day. There are, however, many ways you can put a personal touch on your wedding. Here are just a few.

Unity Symbols

Marriage is all about unity, and there are many ways to symbolise this concept. Rings, vows and candles are some of the more traditional examples, but it’s your day so you might also want to include something deeply personal to you. This might be flowers, a plant, unity stones, or anything that you can share and is meaningful to you.


Weddings and photography are synonymous with one another, but why not unleash the creative flair of your guests? You can leave polaroid cameras at place settings or scattered throughout your wedding function venue. You’ll get hundreds of spontaneous photos that will give you a unique perspective on your day.

Special Songs

Most couples have a song or ten that have special meaning to them. Often, however, these are forgotten amongst all the other aspects of planning that take place. Be sure to make a list of all those signature songs to ensure they get air time at your wedding function venue.

At Harbour Kitchen we take care of many of the difficult aspects of your wedding celebrations so you can concentrate on the personal details that make it extra special.

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