Congratulations!! Successful EVAPCO Product Launch in Melbourne

Harbour Kitchen proudly served for product launch from EVAPCO Australia Pty Ltd (

EVAPCO Product Launch at Docklands

Harbour Kitchen were delighted to offer a modern and open corporate event space, for EVAPCO. Helping them with a venue to launch their large scale product . Visitors, audience members and EVAPCO staff were able to use and enjoy the stunning backdrop of the Victoria Harbour to enjoy this event. EVAPCO were able to use the sunshine and scenery to also entice and educate people about their products, whilst our highly professional staff served our exquisite finger food and drinks, to really excite EVAPCO’s audience.

This is just one example of our highly customizable corporate packages that Harbour Kitchen offers. This is also an example of how Corporate events, such as new product launching, do not have to be packaged in the same way, and how at Harbour Kitchen the two spaces which we offer, The Glass House and also The Lounge are are completely versatile; for instance EVAPCO used our Glass House to feature their product, and due to the generous sizing inside the Glass House the audience were able to browse the products and areas freely. Whilst our sizable entrance area allowed for the sizable products to be displayed and the beer garden situated next to it, allowed the audience to be able to have a vantage point of all products, whilst still having the space to enjoy the area. Our areas can suite you needs, no matter how big or small!.

product launched by EVAPCO

We take pride in being part of an event space for corporate customers, and aim to please all of our guests. We wish all members of the EVAPCO good business and good luck for the future, and we hope to be part of another event soon.

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