Corporate function Theme with Wine and cheese night hosted by Chamonix

Harbour Kitchen were delighted to be able to host a distinguished cheese and wine tasting event, in our stunning Glass Pavilion for the clients of the renowned Chamonix business. Even with the windy weather, the clients were able to be sheltered with the floor to ceiling windows, and able to enjoy the beautiful panoramic view in comfort and warmth.

Chamonix ‘s wine and cheese tasting event allowed guests to sample and enjoy some of the most prestigious and delicious french wine and cheeses. Guests were met on arrival by two of the Harbour Kitchens staff, with a glass of champagne and invited to mingle with other perspective and established clients of Chamonix . Our staff liaised with the head co ordinates of the event, to establish exactly what atmosphere they needed us to provide and also the set tasks which they needed our staff to assist with.









Corporate function Theme with Wine and cheese nigh

This event challenged our staff to showcase their professional ability, whilst also being well able to blend in with their surroundings and do as requested. The event itself was lead by Jake from Chamonix , Jake spoke to the audience about the champagne they sampled at the beginning of the event, and also went into in depth knowledge about a notorious white and red wine that Chamonix had provided. These wines were paired by Chamonix to perfectly accompany the selection of cheeses, that they had brought with them. Chamonix defiantly shined, and their ability to host an event with impeccable taste was well established. Our staff helped in anyway possible, by providing tables for the wine and cheese to be showcased, still water jugs on arrival, serving wines and also collecting, washing and polishing the necessary glasses.

Chamonix audience were blown away by the standard of the wine and cheese, and also by their spectacular surroundings. Although most of the event was catered for by Chamonix themselves, our staff were able to assist them to highlight their product. We wish Chamonix , and their clients all the best of success in the future, and hope that they enjoyed their event and saw it as the success it was.

At Harbour Kitchen we believe that the exclusivity of our event spaces means that the possibility of events that we can host are limitless. Chamonix wine and cheese tasting event highlights that not only are our event spaces flexible, but that our staff are also courteous and highly professional. We have the knowledge and experience to be able to make your corporate event, or product launch the success that it should be!.

If you have been searching for a stunning location that has the professional ability you need to market your products successfully, but are not sure how to execute it?, Harbour Kitchen is the event space for you, not only are our staff always available to help, but we can work side by side with you to create a successful and prestigious event! Please feel free to browse more of our events and website and contact us to see what we can offer you.

Corporate function Theme with Wine and cheese nigh

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