Engagement Party Wow Factor: Harbour Kitchen Function Venue

There is no celebration more festive than an engagement party. It is more relaxed than a wedding, but still retains that all important fun factor. As the premier engagement function venue in Melbourne we have a few ideas to give your event even more wow factor.

Pick a proposal

Everyone in attendance will no doubt know the circumstances behind your proposal. You might want to get your guests to pretend otherwise. Leave some proposal cards with guests and give them creative licence to write their own version of events. Have someone read them out during proceedings to really lighten the atmosphere inside the function venue.

Cake vote

Couples often struggle to decide on a cake flavour. Why not be more democratic with your dessert selection and ask the people who will be eating it… your guests. They will likely have some great flavour ideas that you will wish you had thought of yourself.

Photo gallery

In the digital world we live in there will be no shortage of photos of the happy couple. Enlist a friend to find the best (and worst) happy snaps and leave them on each table or on the wall of your function venue for your guests to enjoy. You might also want to ask your friends to write memories on the back of the photos and you can collect them after to create a unique album.

Day party

It might not be traditional, but it’s different and a lot of fun. We’re talking about holding your engagement party during the day. Few things beat a long lunch or cocktails that stretch from the afternoon long into the night. After all, the longer you stretch out the party, the longer you stretch out the fun.

Whatever fun ideas you bring to the party, be sure to have it at Harbour Kitchen, Melbourne’s best function venue.

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