In our last blog we discussed our inclusivity with regard to age and how anyone, young, old or in between gets the same warm welcome at our function rooms. Our inclusivity extends to many other aspects of event hire and our dress code, or lack thereof, is another worth discussing.

The Docklands waterfront is not just a beautiful location, it is also a relaxing, even soothing space. At Harbour Kitchen, we want to replicate the laid-back atmosphere evident in the outside environment inside our function rooms. We felt that enforcing any sort of dress code would detract from this atmosphere.

One of the great things about Melbourne’s best waterfront suburb s is that it is inherently and effortlessly stylish. This means that almost any fashion style will work on the streets and wharves of Docklands… and also in the function rooms. Whether you’re elegantly dressed in a ball gown or your best suit, or you’re enjoying a casual Friday in shorts and a T-shirt, Harbour Kitchen will always extend a warm welcome to each and every guest. We don’t want to police our guests and we want you to feel as relaxed as the setting is idyllic.

One of the main problems with a dress code, is that it can restrict some of the more exciting events that function rooms hold… dress up events! The reasons for dress up parties and the types of dress up parties vary greatly. One of Melbourne’s diverse communities may be hosting a cultural event, a club with a very particular interest or theme might be having a get together, or it may just be a fancy dress party for the sake of fun. We’ve hosted some interesting celebrations and functions over the years and we want to encourage events of this nature as we enjoy them almost as much as the party-goers themselves.