Harbour Kitchen – Your Valentine’s Day Event Venue

Dinner for two? If there was ever a day for an intimate meal and drinks it is the 14th of February. It’s Cupid’s busiest day, as he zips from event venue to event venue with his bow drawn and a quiver full of arrows. It’s every florist’s busiest day, when roses are sold in their millions across the globe… It’s Valentine’s Day!Focuz

There are a couple of things you need for a memorable Valentines’ Day. First and foremost is a magical setting and settings don’t get any more magical than the Harbour Kitchen event venue surrounds. There is something about an ocean setting that exemplifies romance and we have it in abundance and right at our doorstep. With the ocean lapping at the edge of our two beer gardens and the Melbourne skyline framing the sparkling waters of Victoria Harbour, you won’t find a more serene setting so close to the centre of the CBD.

You’ll also need some great food, and drinks to match. Harbour Kitchen also pride ourselves on these facets of our complete event venue service. Choose from our extensive menu and drinks list, take in the surrounds while our expert culinary and beverage teams work their magic. Aesthetics is always important, but especially so on Valentine’s Day and Harbour Kitchen is known for our outstanding presentation. Taste and aesthetic are as good as any Valentine’s Day coupling and they also happen to be specialties of ours. The professional team running our event venue kitchen and bar match these aspects so expertly that Cupid himself would be proud.

If you want extra special event venue with deliciously prepared food and drinks that are complemented by a stunning setting, look no further than Harbour Kitchen. Finding a romantic location in the city can seem challenging, but we have all the ingredients to help you and your significant other celebrate one another in style.

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