How to make the most out of your client entertaining events

How to make the most out of your client entertaining events

Christmas is the perfect time to celebrate your company’s successes. There is no better way to reward your loyal clients than to throw a party they will never forget. Successful client entertaining events will show valued clients your appreciation and will allow you to develop stronger business relationships. Here are our team’s top tips on how to make the most out of your client entertaining this Festive Season.

Invitations That Impress

Provide as much information to your clients as possible within your event invitation. As well as the usual details – date, time and location – consider including a map of how to get to your function venue, where to park and advice on the easiest ways to get there. It is also important to ask your guests about any special dietary requirements that they may have so that you can ask your venue to cater to special menus in advance.

Know Your Guests

Review your guest list and make sure you know your guests including their history with your company and what they do in their organisation. Including name badges for your event will help you remember your guests names.

Choose The Right Venue

Entertaining top clients is an important business strategy so it is critical to choose experienced suppliers that are a good fit for your brand.

Mingle With Your Guests

Successful client entertaining events are all about relationships so make sure you allocate time for you and your team to interact with your guests. Getting to know your clients on a personal level will help your business strengthen its relationships. Get to know your clients and their partner or family (if invited) and take note of any personal details (e.g. partner’s name, child’s name, favourite football team) so that you can use a personal touch when speaking to them next.

Choose The Perfect Menu

It is always important to review your guest list and provide as much detail as possible to your chosen function venue. If the majority of your guests are male or if you are entertaining clients from a particular part of the world, then these details may help you choose the perfect menu to suit your guests.

Thank Your Clients

Consider giving out branded gifts on the night of your event as a lovely extra way to thank your clients for their business and don’t forget to include thanking them in your speeches.

Choose The Right Kind Of Entertainment

If the purpose of your event is to get to know your clients personally, loud music may not be the best choice of entertainment. Look at other entertainment options such as a jazz band or Opera performance to wow your guests at the start of your event.

Touch Base After Your Event

Always thank your clients for their time and their ongoing support post event. This is the perfect opportunity to engage with them and to continue to cement a strong working relationship.


If you want to impress and reward your clients this Festive Season, contact the friendly team at Harbour Kitchen. Availability for Christmas is limited – call today!

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