Melbourne’s Best Milestone Birthday Party Venue

When you are young there is no more exciting day than your birthday. Remember the anticipation building for days as you wait to celebrate with your friends and family? Unfortunately, as adults we often come to see birthdays as stressful events that we would rather avoid than embrace. At Harbour Kitchen we like to help our guests feel as special as they did at their childhood birthdays. Whether you’re turning 21, 30, 40, 60 or 100, we are your ideal birthday party venue.

No need to worry about space

Deciding to have your birthday at home may seem like a good idea at first, but it soon becomes apparent that there is much to consider and space is one of the more significant concerns. At home, you have to think very carefully about how many guests you can invite, where they all might fit and whether you need to rearrange the furniture. And after all that planning, you still have to clean your house before and after the party. At a bar, you are potentially sharing the space with many other revellers and you lose the intimacy of a private event. None of these issues arise when you use a dedicated birthday party venue such as Harbour Kitchen. We have beautifully presented rooms of various sizes to suit any guest list and we take take all the hassle out of any event.

No need to worry about food or drink

Some party pies, chips, fizzy drink and a cake are the staples of childhood birthday parties, but adults generally prefer something a little heartier and a little more sophisticated. Harbour Kitchen has an expert culinary team that will whip up superb platters of canapés or sandwiches and our bar staff will serve delicious cocktails long into the night.

Whatever age you are turning, whatever size your guest list and whatever your culinary tastes or dietary requirements, Harbour Kitchen is the ideal birthday party venue… fun, affordable and flexible.