The Best Activities For Your Engagement Party

Your engagement party is the perfect occasion for all your loved ones to come together and create memories they will remember forever. Aside from celebrating the couple’s upcoming marriage, you want your guests to enjoy themselves —and what could be better than some party games!

At Harbour Kitchen, we want to help you actualise your dream engagement party, so, if you are still at the planning stages of the party, be sure to check out the following activities to make your engagement party that extra bit more special:

Setting up a:

Engagement Guest Book

Bring in a personalised guest book for your family and friends to write messages in. This is a great way for them to share their love, special memories and perhaps even some marriage advice!

Video Wishes

This could be an alternative or complement to a guest book. Set up a space with a camera. Encourage guests to record their best wishes, memories, or heartfelt messages for the couple. This creates a personalised keepsake like no other and will be so special to look back on in your later years.

Engagement Card Box

These serve as both an elegant decoration to your event and also a functional way to collect cards and letters from your guests.

Photo Booth

This is a tried and true classic! Everyone loves a photobooth, complete with backdrops and funny props, to add some more fun and spontaneity to the day.

DJ and Dancefloor

Having a DJ can further liven up the atmosphere, whether you want to keep the dance floor abuzz with modern hits or take a nostalgic trip down memory lane with classic tunes.

They can also work closely with you to match your musical preferences and curate the perfect playlist that reflects your love story.

Classic Engagement Party Games:

1. The Shoe Game

The couple sits back to back in the middle of the room, with each partner holding one of their own shoes, and one of their partner’s. As questions are asked, the couple will raise the shoe of who they think represents the correct answer. This is a classic game which has all the guests engaged in seeing what the couple says!

2. Ring Hunt

Another staple engagement party game, Ring Hunt is essentially a wedding themed Treasure Hunt. Pick up some fake rings and hide them around the venue. Ask your guests to search all the hidden rings and by the end of the party whoever the finds the most rings wins!

3. Bridal Jeopardy

The name should give it away– but for those who don’t know, this is how the game is played – create a board with six categories (or as many you want). These categories may include famous couples, about the bride, groom, in-laws etc. Each category can have 5 personalised questions or as many questions. The easiest questions are worth $100 and they increase in difficulty and value. The game is typically played in teams and organise a host to keep the game on track. Whoever raises their hand first gets to choose the category and how much they can wager. Once all questions are completed, the team with the most money wins.

4. Guess Who

This is a traditional game which tests “how well do you know the couple”, and easy for guests to play solo or in groups. Curate a list of questions related to the couple and test your guests. Does your mum or best friend know you better? Play and find out!

5. Pin The Ring On The Finger

This game is a fun spinoff of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey.” You can blindfold the guests, give them a cutout of a ring, and see if they can pin it to a poster of a hand. The participant who pins it closest to the ring finger wins.

6. Bridal Bingo

This is another beloved classic transformed into a great engagement party game. Simply redesign bingo cards with wedding symbols instead of numbers, and personalise the squares with whatever you like (gift predictions or mingle bingo are popular options).

7. Bridal Jenga

Customise each Jenga piece to contain a dare or challenge, then assemble the tower. Pull pieces from the tower and whoever pulls the piece should execute the depicted task. It could range from taking a shot to answering questions like “share your first impressions of your partner”. Plan it such that both comical as well as love-affirming instructions are present!

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