The Best End of Season Function Rooms

The weeks are flying by as they tend to do at the start of the year. Work has resumed for most people, schools and universities are welcoming students back and the holiday period in general is winding down. The end of the high season is not all doom and gloom though, particularly for those looking to hire function rooms for an event. The shoulder season actually represent a great opportunity to get the best out of any event. Here’s just a couple of reasons why…


Summer in Melbourne is not just a couple of months long as it is in many other countries. The weather can be a little volatile, certainly, but in general we are lucky to get many consecutive months of hot weather. Things really start heating up in October and stay that way right through to March, and sometimes beyond. In fact, the final weeks of summer are the best for many people, as the temperatures ease a little. At Harbour Kitchen, these are great days to to secure one of our function rooms and outdoor areas. Mid-20s, bright sun and a gentle sea breeze. Perfect conditions to celebrate a milestone or special event with friends and family.


Just as the weather eases around February and March, so too does the hustle and bustle of the city. At Harbour Kitchen, we love being in the thick of it over the busiest weeks of the year, but also enjoy the more sedate pace that late summer offers. It’s also beneficial for those looking at function rooms to hire. As the silly season has come to an end, you are much more likely to get the date or day of the week of your choice.

If you want to enjoy Docklands at its warm, busy-but-not-too busy best, set a date at Harbour Kitchen function rooms for late summer fun.

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