Themed Parties – Putting the Fun in Function Rooms

If you want to put the fun into function rooms, consider making your next celebration a themed event. Having a theme tends to alter the mood of an event, before it has even begun. When guests wear costumes it seems to have a liberating affect and the fun factor instantly increases. Here are a few theme suggestions and some accompanying photos of our function rooms.

Hawaiian Theme

Iron your loudest floral print shirt, find yourself the brightest luau possible and get out the cocktail umbrellas. Yes, it’s that most colourful of themes… Hawaiian! Few events scream fun quite like those with this Pacific island theme. If you like your parties colourful and a little over the top, this is definitely one of the best options for you. Hawaiian dress and decoration is also a great way to liven up a cold winter. You and your guests can shine, even if the sun isn’t.

Super Heroes / Cartoon Characters

Release your inner child! Almost all youngsters love to dream about or pretend to be their favourite superheroes or cartoon characters. Why not rekindle the enthusiasm of your youth and have a dress up party with all your favourite characters. And lets face it. Chances are you’re still secretly obsessed with them. Whether your favourite fictional hero was Batman, Wonder Woman or one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, this is an extremely broad theme, making it super easy to dress up for. There are literally hundreds of costume options, but only one when it comes to your choice of function rooms..


It’s Spanish for party and it’s Spanish for fun. We’re talking, of course, about the much-loved fiesta. Spanish and Latino cultures are well known for their penchant for lively, energetic parties and boisterous social gatherings, so a fiesta theme is guaranteed to liven up any of our function rooms.

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