When organising a 21st birthday party, there’s a lot to consider! Location, style, theme, number of people, food…the list goes on. One of the first big decisions you need to make is your choice of venue. There are a few key factors to consider when embarking on your search for the perfect 21st birthday party venue in Melbourne. Here we’ve compiled the top 4 things to look for, and the ultimate party destination that ticks all the boxes.

1. Venue Interior

What do you dream your 21st birthday party to be like? The venue you should choose should be adaptable and customisable, both through the decor as well as the setup, in order to cater for your preferences, style or theme if you’re having one. The interior of 21st birthday parties should also be spacious and open plan, with plenty of space for a dance floor if that’s your kind of thing! Classy, stunning, stylish, trendy, modern, whatever you need…Harbour Kitchen prides itself on being the most beautiful event and celebration venue in Melbourne.

2. Venue Exterior

First impressions count! It begins with what you see when you arrive at the party destination, whether it’s a plain building or an incredible function hall with water views. If you truly want a venue that exudes style and flair from the moment you set eyes on it, then Harbour Kitchen is the place to be. Boasting stunning views across Melbourne’s newest harbour-side precinct, everything is guaranteed to be picture perfect.

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Birthday Party Venue

Corporate Function Venue

3. Venue Location

Ideally your 21st birthday party is located somewhere accessible, so it’s simple and easy for all guests to get there! Being in a central location is perfect for 21st birthday party venues to maximize convenience and practicality. Situated a stone throw’s away from the water’s edge at Melbourne’s Victoria Harbour, Harbour Kitchen can easily be reached by driving, walking or even by boat for those who truly want to take it up a notch. Additionally it’s positioned just next to the Southern Cross station in Docklands, making it even easier to get to and from the venue for those who want to hit the city for the after-party!

4. Venue Price

Your budget is undoubtedly a necessary consideration for any kind of event you plan to organise! Think ahead about what your budget for the event is, and then look for venues which can arrange what you’ve dreamed of within your cost expectations. Harbour Kitchen prides itself on being affordable and can cater to your specific needs, requests and dreams for your big event. Whether you only want a small group of close friends, or if you’re after a huge celebration, Harbour Kitchen can do it all, and will work closely with you to align with your budget.

If you have an upcoming occasion for yourself or someone else in your life, look no further than Harbour Kitchen in Melbourne to host an unbelievably memorable 21st birthday party that will be the talk of the town! Get in touch today to discuss what we can do for you.