If you’ve recently become engaged, one of your top priorities is securing a magical wedding venue. For those desirous of a grand wedding, hiring a function venue is an obvious choice; almost a given. At Harbour Kitchen, we can accommodate upwards of 300 guests, so grand weddings represent no problem for us. For other couples, though, a small intimate celebration with close family and friends is more appealing than a larger wedding. Often people in this category eliminate larger function venues automatically, believing they specialise only in larger events. This may be true of many venues, but not Harbour Kitchen. With function rooms of various sizes, we are just as well equipped to host smaller weddings as we are large, all-in receptions.

Selecting your ideal wedding venue is important. It can make or break your special day, but choosing a function venue that best suits can be a little overwhelming. Many less flexible function centres may only have rooms that come in one or two sizes; large and larger. Of course you want room to move at your wedding, but there is such a thing as too much space. It can lead to guests feeling less connected with the special occasion and you are likely paying for the unused space.

Our smallest function space is perfect for a guest list of around 40 to 60 people. It has a full bar set-up, mirrored walls to create a greater sense of space and, of course, it comes with the same great food, drinks and service the entire Harbour Kitchen’s function centre is renowned for.

Whether you want the largest wedding event possible or an intimate celebration with your nearest and dearest, Harbour Kitchen function venue has you covered. No matter what size you opt for, we’ll ensure you have an affordable, fun and, most importantly, memorable day.