Music and Your Event Hire

If there is one thing that everyone wants to achieve from their event hire it is a celebration remembered for how fun it was. There are many ways to increase the fun factor of your event, but the most effective method has remained the same throughout human history. The tried and tested, guaranteed way to create a fun atmosphere at a party is music and at Harbour Kitchen we love to see our guests on the dance floor showing off their best moves.

Humans are social creatures and celebratory gatherings have been a feature of social life for as long as recorded history. Every ancient civilisation organised festivals and parties to celebrate everything from personal milestones to community achievements. While the nature of these events varied greatly, they all included a musical element. Millenia later and some things haven’t changed. Music is an integral part of how we celebrate today and this is especially true when it comes to event hire.

At Harbour Kitchen we’ve seen first hand how music can transform a function. What might start as a civilised work function in the middle of the night may end on the dance floor after midnight, with all office inhibitions filed away for the night. Solemn marriage vowels spoken quietly at a wedding ceremony might become the lyrics of a favourite song belted out as loudly as possible at the reception. And hearing a favourite song is guaranteed to rouse even the most reluctant party-goer.

The digital age has made organising music for event hire easier than ever and at Harbour Kitchen we have everything you need to get your party started. We have a high quality sound system and a spacious dance floor, to keep all your guests – from the hard to please music snob to the wild interpretive dancer – happy.

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