In our last blog we discussed how important music is to any celebratory event. Today, many people prefer to opt for a DIY option when it comes to the music aspect of their event hire. If this is your plan Harbour Kitchen has the sound system for you, and also a few suggestions to help you get the best out of your night.


If you like to be organised and you have a good idea of the atmosphere you want to create at your event, a playlist is a great idea. You might want to start slow and build up the energy through the course of the night. You might chose to start as you mean to carry on, with dance floor fillers from the very first tracks. Or, you might like to alternate between slow and fast, soft or heavy music to cater to everyone’s tastes and mood.


If you really want to cater to everyone’s tastes, however, and you don’t mind incorporating some flexibility into your event hire plans, then a request list on the night can be a lot of fun. Ensure you have a large database of songs on your cloud provider of choice, then simply let your guests scroll through and select their favourite tunes. This system, akin to a modern jukebox, is a very democratic way of choosing music on the night and helps to get your guests extra excited.

Surprise Favourite Playlists

This option is a mixture of the two previous. If you know your guests well and you want to add a personal touch to your event hire, you might want to make a playlist based on their favourite tunes. In doing so, you are almost making a preemptory request, but it also has the element of surprise. Everyone likes to hear their favourite tunes without having to impose their will on the entire guest list and this option always elicits a few squeals of delight from the dance floor as guests realise that ‘their’ song has come on.


All these options can have a fantastically positive effect on your event. Whatever option you feel is best for your event, you can be sure that Harbour Kitchen will help you get the very best out of your music selection. We have plenty of space on the dance floor and a state of the art sound system. All you need to do is add people!