Your Ideal Reunion Function Venue

At Harbour Kitchen function venue we have hosted every event you can imagine. From the classics, like birthdays and weddings, to more niche events such as theme parties or trivia nights, we’ve seen them all. Each event offers something different and we love the variety. Of all the different sorts of events, if there is one that it is perfectly suited to cooler weather, its a school reunion

Here’s why…

Warm Up Your Vocal Cords

Whenever we host a reunion at our Harbour Kitchen function venue, we can’t help but notice how lively and vibrant they are. When old friends or schoolmates reunite, there is so much to catch-up on that there is hardly a minute to spare. After an ice breaker or two and a couple of drinks, tongues start wagging and the questions and chatter begin… And all the commotion, gossip and intrigue doesn’t tend to stop till the end of the event.

Calendar Convenience

During the busiest social periods such as summer, it can be difficult to organise a group of close friends or family let alone guests for a reunion. Reunion invitees are generally a diverse and dispersed bunch and your best chance of getting them all together at one function venue is if you hold the event during the quieter months.

Why Wait?

For many people, a reunion is solely a once every 5 or 10 year event, but there are no rules on this. Sometimes, finding the best time to reunite with old friends is more important than upholding social convention. If the best time happens to be at a three, six or eight year mark, why wait?

Reunions are great occasions and Harbour Kitchen is a great function venue. Combine the two and you are sure to have such an amazing time that you’ll want to get the gang together every year. We’re more than happy to accommodate first time reunions or the inevitable repeat events.

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