Timely Wedding Event Hire

In a recent blog, we discussed how booking your event hire as early as possible can be extremely beneficial. This is particularly true when it comes to wedding or wedding reception venues. There is perhaps no other ocassion that attracts so much competition amongst celebrants or those tasked with planning event hire.

A quick look at some marriage stats shows just how popular getting hitched in Melbourne is. The latest Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data shows that there were over 120,000 marriages in 2014 and this has likely continued on an upward trajectory to 2016. As the second most populous city in Australia, with over 4 million people, Melbourne likely hosted some 25,000 of these unions. This averages out to roughly 70 per day. Even this high number isn’t the full story though. Most people prefer to get married during the weekend and the spring and summer seasons are particularly sought after. All this means that certain dates (think Saturdays and Sundays from October to March) are almost guaranteed to be in high demand for betrothed couples.

And there is a yet another factor to take into account when thinking about wedding event hire… The gravity of the occasion. We all know that a wedding is one of the most special days in a person’s life, which means that extraordinary effort is often put into all the organisational facets of the big day.

All these factors combine to make securing event hire on these high volume days difficult to say the least. This is especially true for those who aren’t very organised, but still want to secure a premier venue such as Harbour Kitchen. This is why those of you looking to organise a wedding later this year or in 2017 should get in touch with our dedicated function team as soon as possible. Harbour Kitchen would hate you to miss out on your ideal date as much as we would love to help you celebrate a magical wedding.

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