Easter 2016 has come and gone, daylight savings has ended and days are getting noticeably shorter and colder. All this means that winter is just around the corner, and for Melbourne’s many thousands of office workers, this can be a slightly depressing thought. There is no better way to beat the mid-year, mid-winter blues than a corporate function, and there is no better function venue than Harbour Kitchen.

If you let it, Melbourne can seem a little grim in winter. We are spoilt with long, hot summers, lengthy holidays and a seemingly endless array of occasions to celebrate. It does end though and all the excitement tapers off quite dramatically after Easter. All of a sudden, winter looks like an awfully large block on the calendar and public holidays are few and far between.

As all good managers and intuitive bosses know, a happy workforce is a productive workforce and, unfortunately, the opposite is also true. If your staff feel even a little bit down, it will likely have a negative effect on their attitude to work and their productivity. The weather and a lack of personal excitement can quickly combine to spread like a cold through a workforce. A great way to break up the bleak weeks of winter and raise flagging spirits at work is with a night at Melbourne’s premiere function venue, Harbour Kitchen.

The idyllic waterfront setting, the great food selection and a few delicious drinks are sure to soothe frayed nerves and relax even the most stressed out staff member. We are a bright spot on a grey day, a shining light in a dark winter, and the best function venue in which to host a corporate event. Every staff member at Harbour Kitchen looks forward to seeing the fresh smiles on the faces of some of Melbourne’s hard working employees.