With just over a month of 2018 under our belts, we’ve already seen some great wedding trends that you’re going to love.  No matter what kind of wedding you’re looking for, these trends can be used and adapted to add your own unique touch to your special day.

From small, intimate weddings to large, vibrant parties, 2018 is setting the stage for some incredibly special and beautiful wedding moments.  Here’s our guide to 2018’s biggest wedding trends and how you can use them for your special day!

The Wedding Size

2018 is already trending one of two ways in the wedding world – either incredibly intimate and romantic weddings, or all-out celebrations that really are out of this world.  You can’t go wrong with a small, intimate wedding with your closest friends and family.  Keeping your guest count small will allow you to spend quality time with your guests during the reception – it can also help keep costs down if you’re looking to manage your wedding budget.

If you’re not wanting something with a limited guest list, 2018 has been trending large weddings as well!  These all-out celebrations bring spectacle and magic for your special day – you’ll get to bring everyone important in your life to the wedding to let them celebrate with you.

Colour is In

We’ve also noticed colour trends – in fact, unique, vibrant colour is currently all the rage in the wedding circuit.  Traditional wedding colours are often muted and subdued.  Not in 2018!  This is the year to really let your personality shine.

Don’t limit yourself with what you use your colour for.  You can use it for invitations, decor, tables, flowers, and so much more.  Your wedding colours are truly the foundation for your wedding decor, so you should embrace your personality and let that shine through your colour choice!

Food Stations

The way guests enjoy their meal at a wedding has started to shift.  Rather than traditional table service or even a buffet, weddings in 2018 are starting to focus on fun, interactive food stations that allow guests to mingle with everyone at the reception.

If you’re looking for a fun way to get your guests up and moving, set your food up in different stations that require them to travel about the room.  You can even have things for them to do at each specific food station to liven up the meal!  Guests love entertainment, so a unique twist on your wedding meal is sure to make a lasting impression.

Unique Entertainment

Speaking of guests, 2018 is trending for wildly unique entertainment.  One of the more popular choices we’ve seen this year is a live show, specifically during the meal.  Inject fun and excitement for your guests to enjoy with a lively and colourful show that matches the tone and style of your wedding.  Other popular choices include games, photo booths, and live music!

If you have a special tradition, try incorporating that into your ceremony or reception – your guests will appreciate you sharing a special moment with them.  Weddings are all about creating memories, and it’s important to include your guests in those memories as much as possible.

The Harbour Kitchen

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