Harbour Kitchen’s 5 Best Christmas Party Theme Ideas

Add a Festive touch to your end of year event this year by incorporating a fun theme! Having a theme for your corporate Christmas party will add a great point of difference for your event and will delight your guests. Add a little festive touch or go all out by incorporating the theme into your event styling, adding a festive cocktail and asking your guests to get involved with fancy dress and games. The team at Harbour Kitchen love hosting theme parties at our Docklands function venue! Here are our team’s favourite party theme ideas for this Christmas.

Cheesy Christmas Sweater

Add a hint of humour to your corporate Christmas party with this on trend party theme. Daggy or vintage Christmas sweaters are a great way to break the ice and to get your guests in the Christmas spirit. This party theme is easy to pull off and ‘cheesy’ Christmas sweaters are inexpensive and easy to source from Opp shops or online.

White Christmas

A White Christmas party theme is always a hit. Turn your Christmas party venue into a winter wonderland with white draping, fake snow, snowflakes and white décor. Lot’s of furniture hire companies and event stylists offer ranges of white cocktail furniture and lounges to complement an all white theme.

A Touch Of Gold

If you don’t want to go ‘all out’ with your theme, a great idea is to ask guests to wear a ‘touch of’ a particular festive colour and incorporate this colour throughout your Christmas party venue. A touch of gold or silver will add a little sparkle to your Christmas party and green and red are always popular choices.

Traditional Christmas

There is nothing quite like a traditional Christmas celebration. The smell of a fresh Christmas tree and traditional decorations such as baubles, tinsel and pea lights in traditional festive colours will help get your guests into the holiday spirit. Tie your theme into your menu and offer traditional Christmas fare such as roast turkey and Christmas pudding. Bon bons on the table or handed out as gifts are a traditional touch that will delight your guests and Christmas carol music will help create a festive ambience.


Hawaiian Christmas

Add a tropical touch to your end of year event with this easy party theme. Hawaiian shirts, bright tropical flowers and leis are easy for your guests to source and will create a relaxed vibe for your event. Incorporate a Hawaiian cocktail such as a Mai Tai on arrival to help get your guests in the mood to celebrate. Decorate your outdoor spaces with garlands and beach balls (both easy DIY decorations) and offer fresh flowers on a hair pin for your female guests (or lapel flower for your male guests) to set the mood when they arrive.

Harbour Kitchen’s function spaces are conveniently located in Melbourne’s Docklands overlooking the water and include gorgeous outdoor beer gardens for your guests to celebrate in this Christmas. Availability for the Festive Season is limited – contact the friendly team at Harbour Kitchen today. 


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