Some of you may have noticed the unique, fragile looking MPavilion over the last few months in Queen Victoria Gardens opposite from the National Gallery of Victoria on Swanson St. It was a great addition to the green strip and for Melbourne in general, but the site was only a temporary home. The good news is, it was so well received that city authorities are going to give the instalment a new and permanent home in Docklands. Some 76,000 people attended events at the MPavilion during it’s short display period and we expect it will attract many thousands more at its new home in the parkland along Harbour Esplanade, just over the road from the Harbour Kitchen function rooms.

Great design is common along the Dockland’s waterfront and many of the architectural and artistic marvels are visible from Harbour Kitchen’s function rooms. We’re extremely spoiled in this regard and happy to welcome yet another lovingly designed and beautifully crafted structure to our suburb. It is great to see the urban renewal and well-considered development that continues to take place in Docklands and we are lucky enough to be located at the heart of it.

The MPavilion is an outdoor gathering space constructed of a series of poles, like stems or trunks, that support discs of plastic, reminiscent of a forest canopy or the petals of flowers. It provides both function (shelter) and form (design) and has proven to be a great place to entertain and an aesthetically pleasing art installation in one.

As a popular function venue, Harbour Kitchen can appreciate the success of the MPavilion, because it mirrors our own. We pride ourselves on the entertaining events we play host to almost every day of the year and our function rooms which are easy on the eye as they are on the wallet. MPavilion is just one more reason to visit the Docklands waterfront, but the best is still an event held at Harbour Kitchen function venue.