Adding a Touch of Class to Venue Hire

The type of events we hold are limited only by our imaginations. Reunions, weddings, birthdays, club socials, dances, theme parties… the list goes on. You name it and Harbour Kitchen venue hire has hosted it. What events often have in common though, is the atmosphere or tone that an organiser or organisers attempt to create. Some occasions best suit a relaxed, casual atmosphere and Harbour kitchen can certainly provide that. Other events, however, call for elegant surrounds and stylish service, and Harbour Kitchen are also perfectly equipped to offer this option.

A quick glance at Harbour Kitchen’s location is enough to confirm that the setting is glamorous enough for the most stylish of cocktail parties or the most exclusive event. Bordered by the idyllic waters of Victoria Harbour and the majestic city skyline, our functions rooms and beer gardens take full advantage of the beautiful vistas.

Location is of vital importance when choosing venue hire, but it is by no means the only consideration. Service is also paramount, as are food and beverage options. At Harbour Kitchen we take great pride in these aspects of our venue hire and go to great lengths to ensure they complement our elegant surrounds. Our service is as attentive as it is friendly, our food delicious and exceptionally well presented and our drinks list is both comprehensive and well considered. We have a fantastic wine selection, premium beers from around the globe and, most importantly for those hosting a cocktail event, plenty of top shelf spirits to satisfy even the most refined tastebuds.

All things considered, we have everything you need (and more) to attain a sophisticated, stylish atmosphere at your function. If you want to add a touch of class to your event, look no further than Harbour Kitchen; Melbourne’s most stylish venue hire.

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