Cocktail Party

Event Hire – DIY Music

In our last blog we discussed how important music is to any celebratory event. Today, many people prefer to opt for a DIY option when it comes to the music aspect of their event hire. If this is your plan Harbour Kitchen has the sound system for you, and also a few suggestions to help

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Music and Your Event Hire

If there is one thing that everyone wants to achieve from their event hire it is a celebration remembered for how fun it was. There are many ways to increase the fun factor of your event, but the most effective method has remained the same throughout human history. The tried and tested, guaranteed way to

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Very Convenient Venue Hire

There are lots of things to take into consideration when choosing venue hire for an event. One of the most important aspects also happens to be one of the less obvious… Transport. When organising events, people often focus on venue size, flexibility, design options and location. All of these aspects are, of course, immensely important

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